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DynDNS2 is a service through which a computer is always accessible under the same domain name despite changing IP address.
In the age of more and more devices with IPv6 usage, the DynDNS service becomes more and more important.

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IPv64.net is a german product and is mainly hosted in Germany.Germany
Further global DNS- & Load-Balance Servers are planned.

Status of the IPv64.net authoritative DNS servers (DNS load balancer)
ns1.ipv64.net 8ms
2a01:4f8:1c1e:a6a8::1 9ms

ns2.ipv64.net 9ms
2a01:4f8:c010:b4fc::1 11ms

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IPv64.net Dynamic DNS servers are synced immediately. Domain changes are immediately available on both DDoS Protected load balancers.

What is IPv64.net?

IPv64 is of course not a new Internet Protocol (64), but simply a deduplicated short form of IPv6 and IPv4. On the IPv64 site you will find a Dynamic DNS service (DynDNS) and many other useful tools for your daily internet experience.

With the dynamic DNS service of IPv64 you can register and use free subdomains. The update of the domain is done automatically by your own router or alternative hardware / software. Besides updating IP addresses, simple Let's Encrypt DNS challenges are also possible.

Own domains can be added and benefit from all IPv64.net features like DynDNS services, GEO load balancing, DDoS protection, DynDNS2 and SSL encryption.

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100% DynDNS2 & Healthchecks with IPv64.net

With the fully-featured DynDNS (DynDNS2) services of IPv64.net you have many options to increase your availability on the internet. The entire service is highly automated and API based.